About Us

Afya is a social start-up originated as a project of Enactus Mannheim e.V., an organization dedicated to tackling social, environmental, and economic problems worldwide through entrepreneurship, innovation, and sustainability. With over 70,000 members, Enactus Global is the largest student social entrepreneurship initiative in the world.

Children all over the world suffer from malnutrition. Globally, approximately 45% of deaths in children under five are due to undernutrition. We have decided to tackle this issue by providing children in Uganda with the “superfood” microalgae spirulina.

Our Values

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development was developed by the United Nations to help create a future of dignity, peace and prosperity for all. By aligning ourselves with the Sustainable Development Goals we want to ensure that our actions create a valuable contribution to our society.

A Social & Lifestyle Product

We aim to maximize our impact on every level!

Our Impact

We reach out to those most affected by malnutrition through our cooperation with local schools, thus providing more affordable spirulina supplements to low-income households. In order to allow the general public access to the benefits of our products and to subsidise the discounted sale to schools, we sell our commercial product to the middle and high income households through local pharmacies, supermarkets, organic goods stores and gyms. It is imperative to us that our production is both ecologically and socially sustainable. Hence, our employees are offered fair wages and good working-conditions.

Our Partnerships

As a joint venture that combines both German and Ugandan business components, our long-term goal is to establish an independent business in Uganda. To ensure this, we have developed a detailed training concept in production technology, sales, and marketing together with our partners MINT Engineering and GoSmile Uganda to facilitate the transfer of knowledge to make sure that local entrepreneurs will be able to operate independently. This model can also be replicated in other locations.

Our Team

We are made up of a diverse group of people – our network is always growing.

Team leader

Eduard Neufeld

As the project manager I am mainly responsible for the strategic direction and implementation of the project. Therefore, my role is to lead the team, starting from the planning, through the execution to controlling the project success. Besides that, I serve as a liaison for the communication with our main partners. 


The core team

University Students

The core of Afya is made up of motivated university students from Mannheim. All of us are eager to make a change. We each take on the tasks that best suit our abilities in order to maximise our impact.

Our Network

As a Uganda- and Germany-based start-up, we have established strong relationships in both countries .

Eduard Luyima

Local Employee

Dr. Hilary Kiiza

Partner & Investor

Mint Engineering

Knowledge Partner

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