Our Product

Micro Algae – Macro Impact

High Nutritional Value

70% proteins, 11 vitamins, all esential amino acids

Easy use

One teaspoon a day significantly and quickly improves nutritional status

Sustainable production

200 times less land use and 218 times less water consumption in comparison to beef production

Why Spirulina?

We are named Afya, the Swahili term for health, because of the healthful power of Spirulina.

"The ideal food for mankind!"

World Food Conference of the United Nations

"The most ideal and perfect food of tomorrow"


"Food for
the future"

The United States Department of Agriculture

What is spirulina?

Spirulina is one of the most ancient bacteria existing on our planet. We chose the blue-green microalgae because of its sustainable growth environment and high nutritional value. Spirulina’s nutrient content offers extraordinary health benefits. It contains all essential amino acids and is also incredibly rich in vital minerals, vitamins and especially proteins.
Proteins are essential for our body as they build up our muscles, bones, organs, skin, hair, nails and much more. Spirulina offers one of the best mass to protein ratios ever encountered in any organism. Its protein content of approximately 70% is double or even more than triple that of conventional protein sources like meat (23%) or soy (36%). Due to this high nutritional value, spirulina is often used as a dietary supplement to enhance nutrition and is currently being researched by space agencies as a possible food supplement to be used during space missions.

In addition, spirulina cultivation consumes significantly fewer resources and is therefore more sustainable than conventional protein sources.

How we produce

We are the first to produce spirulina in Uganda. Producing in Kampala allows us to create jobs locally and thus operate efficiently and sustainably by having our partners on site.

Our Production Technology

In cooperation with our German partner MINT Engineering, we have simplified a high-tech bioreactor into an innovative low-tech pond system, tailored to the local production site in Kampala, where our local partners now cultivate the algae successfully. Furthermore, the unique blend of simplicity and innovation makes the technology extremely scalable, which will allow us to easily expand our reach in the future.
We implemented our first pond in 2019.

Quality Standards

At Afya, we aim to unlock the full potential of spirulina while guaranteeing the continuous safety of our product.
To ensure the highest quality of our product to all our stakeholders, we developed a multichannel monitoring system. Our live culture is continuously tested by our local partner. Furthermore, the final product is also tested by a third party to guarantee a safe-to-consume and highly nutritious product.
We strive to offer the best quality spirulina in the country and are in an ongoing process to get our product certified by the Ugandan National Bureau of Standards.

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