We found our second local and main business partner for our commercial product in Dr. Hilary Kiiza in spring 2019. This partnership was crucial to the implementation of our first pond in Kampala. Now, we had a place where to build our first pond and could start with the construction.

We also procured our spirulina starting culture and could let it grow on site, where it was taken care of and by an operator supervised on a daily basis.

In summer 2019, we followed these efforts up with a second project trip to Kampala. During this time, we could supervise the algae growth and the construction of the cultivation system ourselves, talk to local authorities as well as establish further valuable contacts needed for further construction, production and retail.

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We were able to start the certification process during our second project trip by applying

Early phase

As Uganda was a low-income country struggling with malnutrition on the one side, and on

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