Early phase

Early phase

As Uganda was a low-income country struggling with malnutrition on the one side, and on the other side offered ideal climatic and geographic conditions for local algae production, we decided that Uganda would be our target region. The next step was to find a local partner who would help us set foot into Uganda. After extensive research and contacting many potential candidates, we finally a fitting partner in fall 2017: GoSmile Uganda, which remains our partner to this day and is in charge of all operations involving our social product.

We began with the construction of our very first prototype for a pond in fall 2017, which was based on our own research on algae cultivation. However, we soon realized that we would need a partner with more experience in this matter. In winter 2017, we were able to establish first contact with MINT Engineering, a startup from Berlin specializing on the construction of algae cultivation systems, and were able to further deepen this connection throughout the following months. MINT Engineering helped us build our second, more advanced model pond and develop extensive spirulina cultivation and harvesting routines and guidelines.

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